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Watch this video to learn how to play BitPlanets in one minute, yeah is that simple! Put the volume up and watch the video.


Welcome to an unique RTS (Real Time Strategy) based in the space. The objective is simple, dominate the universe by conquering as many planets as you can.

You can play from almost any device with a browser (Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, Linux) without the need to install or register.


  • Start a new game by clicking here and then select a room. Each room is a different game with different players.
  • Each game has a certain duration, you can see a clock on the map saying how much time is left in this match. After each match a new one will automatically start again.
  • To win you must own the most number of planets, check the scoreboard on the top right side of your screen.
  • Speak with other players in the chat on the bottom right.


  • Drag and drop with your mouse or with your finger on the screen to move the map.
  • Scroll to zoom in and out.
  • Click on a planet to select.

If you are lost or you don't see any planets:

  • Maybe the game is still loading, so wait a bit
  • Click on the "Center" button on your toolbox


Grey planets are not owned by any player. Colored planets are owned by a player.

Spawn in the game

The first thing you need to do is to spawn on a grey planet. To do that you just click on the planet. After a bit the planet will change color and that's your player color. Congrats!

Expanding your colony


To expand your colony you need to attack your nearby planets. To see if you can attack a planet, click on it and it will show the available range.

Let's do the first attack. Drag from your planet to the destination planet.

  • If the line is green just stop the drag and drop and a ship will be created and will shortly go to attack the destination planet.
  • If the line is red means you can't send a ship to that planet. Stop the drag and drop and you will see an error explaining why you can't.

Understanding your units

When you send a ship you are sending units from your planet.

To see how many units you have in your planet look at the image below:

Planet Units

Here you can see there is a lighter green and a darker green. The lighter green shows how many units you have in your planet. In this case looks like we have just a bit more than half.

Every planet generates new units over time, so if your planet has no units wait a bit and you will have more units soon.

Understanding resources

What you can do with your resources:

  • Create planets
  • Create streams
  • Upgrade planets

To see how many resources check the top right of your screen:


Resources are given away over time based on the number of resource planets you have.

See a resource planet below, they have some craters.

Resource Planet

The other normal planets don't produce any resources.

Send ships automatically

Now that you are attacking let's make it automatic. This game revolves around creating a highly efficient network of interconected planets that provide units to each other. You could do it manually, but is easier to just create a ship stream.

A ship stream will send ships automatically over time to a destination planet.

Here you can see a ship stream.

Streams in action

How to create a ship stream:

  • Click on your planet
  • Click on the Ship Icon on your toolbar
  • Drag and drop from your planet to the destination planet

Now you will see a board with a moving arrow and ships will start to be sent automatically.

To delete a stream just click on it.

Create planets

  • Click on the background to unselect any planets
  • Click on the "+ Planet" on your toolbar
  • Click somewhere in the space to create the planet

If no planet is created you will see an error explaining why you can't.

Planet upgrades

Upgrades allow your planet to become stronger. Note that if somebody takes over your planet will keep your upgrades.

How to upgrade:

  • Select the planet you want to upgrade
  • Click on the "Upgrades" button on your toolbox
  • Read the upgrades available and click on the blue part on the right of the upgrade that says "Upgrade"

Units generated per cycle

If you want to generate units faster, which I recommend, select the planet and click on "Upgrades". Now click on the "Upgrade" button next to the "Build units per cycle". You will notice that your current number of units per cycle increased. Note that this action will cost you some resources.


Increases the range of your planet and you can attack further away planets.


Increases the defenses of your planet and your units will be stronger to combat enemy attacks.


Increases the attack of your planet and your units will be stronger when you attack another planet.

Capacity (max units)

Every planet has a maximum number of units, if you want more you can upgrade this. Can be useful to prepare a strong attack.


Increases the size of your planet so you can be more scary to other planets.

Decrease Radius

Decreases the radius of your planet so you can deceive other players. You can have a small planet but can have a big capacity and send a strong attack that the enemy will not expect.

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Originally published , updated January 16, 2019