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Welcome to an unique RTS (Real Time Strategy) based in the space. The objective is simple, dominate the universe - conquer as many planets as you can.

You can play from your device in the browser (Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, Linux) without the need to install or register.


You start with a planet and then you send ships to conquer other planets. You can upgrade your planet, create new planets and even send ships automatically.

Get started

Select your first planet

Here are some good starting points in the map:

Starting points

When you first start a new game you will own no planets. Just zoom in and select a planet.

Note that you should make sure you have plenty of grey planets (empty planets) around so you can easily conquer them. Also make sure you have Resource Planets nearby (planets with craters) around you to earn more resources.

If there are colored planets they are owned by other planets and might attack you. You don't want to start near other planets.



To conquer a new planet you need to send ships. To send ships, just drag from your planet to the other planet. If you see a red line means you can't send, if is green, means you can send.

Your units

You can't see how many units you have at the moment, but you can see how much do you have by looking at the bar under you planet.

Planet Units

Here you can see there is a lighter green and a darker green. The lighter green shows how many units you have in your planet. In this case is just a bit more than half.

When is empty, wait a bit and they will generate again.

If you want to generate units faster, which I recommend, select the planet and click on "Upgrades". Now click on the "Upgrade" button next to the "Build units per cycle". You will notice that your current number of units per cycle increased. Note that this action will cost you some resources.


Resources are very important because with them you can:

  • Create planets
  • Create streams
  • Upgrade planets

To see how many resources check the top right of your screen:


Send ships automatically

The arrow points to a Ship Stream:

Streams in action

Select a planet and click on the "Stream" button. Now drag and drop from your planet to the planet you want to send the units.

Congratulations. Now your planet will send ships automatically to the destination.

Click on the stream again to delete it.

Create a new planet

Click on the dark background to unselect any planets and click on the "+ Planet". Now click somewhere on the dark background and a planet will be created. You can't destroy planets... yet.

Are you lost?

Click on the "Center" button and it will transport you to one of your planets.


Select a planet you have and click on "Upgrades". Now click on the blue part where it says "Upgrade" to upgrade. Take a look by yourself.

Now you are ready to start playing!

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Originally published , updated December 14, 2018